About Us.....

Steve Charalambou's career began at 13 sweeping floors in his native London. Eventually, he opened his own barbershop, catering to everyone from punks to businessmen.

He arrived to the states in the early 80s, where he landed a job in a downtown barbershop favored by artists, students, and the trendy NY public. He opened his first Steve 3000 Barbershop in 1993, in his neighborhood of Flushing.

Steve's is a unique hybrid of a classic barbershop sprinkled with the cutting edge trapping or a modern establishment-- complete with flat screen TVs and high-end styling salon prices.


With Steve's energetic son Andy having joined the family business, Steve 3000 Barbershop continues to expand its client-base, catering to everyone from children to adults, while managing to balance familiar treatment one expects from a neighborhood barbershop, and offering cuts that are as individual as their customers.

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